About Chelsea Pierce 

CHELSEA PIERCE teaches technique through multiple genres, and recommends at least two years of musical training in order to boost all core subjects! Lessons are complete with theory, chord progressions, scales, interval ear training, and Italian flash cards which all enhance the repertoire.


Having written her own choral and solo music, she has traveled and directed childrens' choirs abroad in ESL academies. She can speak to the many virtues of becoming an educator versus solely a performer.


Being able to read sheet music as well as chord charts are valuable, life-long skills she can provide. Appreciating that rock and pop are the great-grand children of jazz, one of the few genres to originate in the U.S.A., is important to our musical history.


Come study with a soloist on a Grammy-award-winning album who has taught for two decades. She is a mezzo-soprano, flutist, and professional accompanist who knows the value and expectations of sight-reading and performing.