Summer Music Programs

Enrollment for summer programs is now available.  

Summer Concert Series

5 concert series

The concerts we are attending this summer are:

, Breckenridge 

, Lone Tree Arts Center

, Denver Center of Performing Arts

, CU Boulder Imig Music School


Cost includes concert tickets, transportation and facilitator fee.

ABRSM Preparation Course

This course is designed to prepare students for the Fall 2015 ABRSM competition program.  Admission to this course is by successful interview and audition only.  All instruments welcome.

Students will complete the ABRSM Music Theory Course and will do extensive work in the ABRSM Sight-Reading Course.

Successful completion of this course will give students an automatic admission into the Fall ABRSM competition program.

Guitar for Non-guitarists
Music Technology Course

The Music Technology course is a fun and interactive class where students learn to compose songs through current music technology.  Students will learn how to use GarageBand, Finale Music, Riesen among others.  Students will compose two original works.







This course is designed to go deeper into practice technique and fun options on how to keep weekly practice dynamic, fun, productive and interesting.


Genres of Guitar

This master class will go into the different styles and genres of guitar music.  Using games and challenges, students will face off against each other to become the expert guitar musicologist.


This course is designed to allow non-guitarists to learn the basics of guitar playing.  During this 4-week course, students will learn basic chords to be able to play a variety of different songs.